Alpha test: important information


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Note: This post will be updated as soon as we have more information to share.

The alpha test of Rise of Master will begin soon and you have here all the information you need to know about it. We plan to release the alpha in multiple phases, so we can fix problems and make some improvement for the game, based on your feedback.

When will it start?

We plan to release the first phase of the alpha later this year or for the next year. Please note that we are a very small team so we can’t guarantee a proper date.

How can I sign-up for it?

Just “register for the alpha” on the website. We will send you an email when the alpha starts and the access for the selected players.

How do you select people?

We will do it progressively, we need to be sure of the game stability, and that the servers are good before we send too many invitations. For now, we don’t have another system than a random selection, but we know it’s not the best solution. Maybe, we will send some alpha invitations on the Rise of Master Facebook and Twitter too.

How are the phases going to be and how many?

For now, we don’t know how many phases will be necessary for the alpha, it depends on your feedback. But here is what we think for the first ones:

1: A small number of people are invited and the game will be a 1 versus 1 on the middle lane on the 5 versus 5 map. We are going to focus on the main mechanics and servers stability.

2: More people are invited, the game will be a 3 versus 3 (1 on each lane). We are going to focus on heroes skills and game balance on this phase.

Last phase: All people will be invited and the party will be playable with a full team (5). We will focus on resolving the last bugs and improvements.

During each phase, we will release patches to address bugs and improvements. The duration of the phase will depend on the work we have to do.

Will my account will be wiped after each phase?

We don’t know that for now, but all accounts will be probably wiped after the first phase.

How many game modes and maps will be available?

Only one game mode/map will be available for the alpha. It will be the classic team 5 non-ranked Sevea Forest map (detail link is coming).

How many heroes will be playable?

We plan to add at least 10 heroes at the start of the alpha. We are going to add some heroes during the test too. Due to the number of players in a team for a party, some heroes can’t be chosen at start. We will reveal them soon, stay tuned.

How do I report bugs/improvement?

Your reports are really important for us to improve the game. You can submit it directly on the forums (link is coming): please be as accurate as possible.

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